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What am I playing?

posted Jul 13, 2010, 12:06 PM by Yousuf Maimoon

Its summer, you can't really get out and play in the heat, HUMIDITY these days! Its really uncomfortable to play. So during the day after I finish my classes from my university I fire up my XBOX 360 and most of the times my friends are with me. So here is the list of the games I am playing right now.

  1. FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa
  2. Red Dead Redemption
  3. Tekken 6
  4. Forza Motorsport 3
  5. Halo 3 ODST
  6. Just Cause 2
  7. Battlefield Bad Company 2
  8. PES 2009
I have a couple more games but I don't play them much. I usually go sell them at the game heaven. I mean Rihab Complex (Hawalli).


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