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Websites: Kuwait

posted Oct 8, 2010, 5:11 AM by Yousuf Maimoon

The Gulf region is known for its speedy construction in Infrastructure. Internet, which is also included in infrastructure, is a vital part of the society now. Internet as a product has deeper penetration and there are ever increasing amount of suppliers that are having an online presence. Social media also plays an important role. 

As more companies build their own websites, be they for informative purposes or for business purposes, the quality of the websites are very mediocre in some incases. As you can see above Blink's website is inspired by Amazon.com to a great extent. Actually, if I were to say that the template design process started off by editing Amazon.com's template, then I probably wouldn't be wrong. This brings me to my point of the thought process in creating these websites. Have the creative media fled the Kuwaiti society? Do they not think and preview the site before they actually publicly launch it?

Conversely, there are website built by organizations/individuals that pleases the eye of the view. One recent website which was launched in that fashion is YallaWain (below)

The website's designed is great, it has a flow to it. The viewer knows where to go and where did he come from right inside the site. I did not see any flaws since i started checking it out this morning. The kind of creatives that have designed this site need to put out more stuff together like this for the community.