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US iTunes outside US

posted Jan 10, 2011, 9:37 AM by Yousuf Maimoon
So you see something amazing on the Apple US App Store and you want it (Officially, of course!). You live somewhere other than US, who knows you might be living in Kuwait (like me), so here is what you do;

1) Go to maximuscards.com and purchase an iTunes card
2) Open up iTunes and go to the iTunes store
3) Make sure you’re not signed in to your Kuwait account
4) Scroll to the bottom of the store and make sure the US flag is showing on the bottom right. If its not click the flag and choose US.
5) On the bottom of the iTunes store you will find a bunch of text links
6) Click on “Redeem”
7) Copy and paste the code Maximus Cards emailed you
8) Then choose create new account and follow the instructions (enter a US address)
9) When it comes to payment options there should now be an option called “none”, click that
10) Continue till the end and you should end up with a US account without having to use a credit card

The US based account that you create from above steps works for the app store for mac too. Its basically an Apple ID. Enjoy!

via 248am