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Aramex or Privatization?

posted Aug 4, 2010, 3:13 AM by Yousuf Maimoon

When Shop and Ship was introduced by Aramex, it was a revelation. No Kiddin! I didn't know about it until a friend in university told me about it in my first year (2 years ago). I didn't pay much attention to it but found much more about it (with the craze) on Mark's popular blog

I ordered some stuff from Amazon and it worked. I was amazed because I wasn't expecting anything. Getting the best items on the Internet and having it at your doorstep in 7 Days was just amazing for me!

Then came the big blow to Aramex and they kept delivering items later than anyone and there were a decent amount of people moving to DHL, I am included. You can find whole list of problems here.

Now the below reason is not what I am sure of but after a little snooping around this is what I think it is.

My dad has his business and he imports goods from all over the world. The problem with this month's shipment was that one of the companies shipped through a cheaper forwarder which forwards the good to the Global Clearing-house Systems (lets say GCS), a private company who handles the cargo at Airport Terminal. Usually if you product is shipped at Shuwaikh Port, then there isnt much hassle because Bahar Co. takes care of everything. When our good went to Global Clearing Systems, I spotted a couple of ARAMEX/DHL employees there as well. Now the problem with our shipment was that you have to have perfect samples in your hand as to what is coming in your container/package else they will not release the goods or inspect it by opening each and everyone of them. 

I am guessing if you have proper "Wasta" you can get around this, but I will try to be practical and straight here. My father had the samples and the proper documents which did not need wasta but GCS probably has the most dis-organized operation which will still lead to wasted time and effort (not to mention money). 

The aramex employee you see in the above image is actually talking to some guy who will probably help him clear out the stuff that we order conveniently over the internet. This is all legal and as you can see the GCS employee has an Air-Conditioned office and a Donald-Trump Office (joke). 

I believe that this is the problem Aramex goes through everyday unless they can have that perfect wasta and tweak the system for their own good. If you are saying that we shouldn't use wasta, then why are you really interested in reading this anyway?

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