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ACM Tech fair at AUK

posted May 25, 2010, 11:39 AM by Yousuf Maimoon   [ updated May 25, 2010, 12:07 PM ]

As the poster reads, the 2nd Annual ACM Technology Fair was held at AUK's Auditorium on 24th May. I am not sure if this event was open to the general public but I surely saw parents of the participating students. 

This fair exhibits the CAPSTONE or the final projects of Computer Science & Information Systems (CSIS) Majors. They are a mixture of ground up creations of software and hardware in a creative perspectives. 

Projects included a system in which AUK (or any university for that matter) which would help students interact with the professors and professors amongst their colleagues, while the other helped emergency vehicles control traffic by modifying the traffic signals through the use of Windows Mobile powered devices, bluetooth and USB technology. One project also included the touch-less control your television using the new technology readily available on Logitech MX Air mouse. Two other projects that were presented attempted to helped the disabled by aiding them with a solution which will help them program through voice recognition, and helping the autistic children in educational areas. The final work of the senior students helped females learn how to program and explaining that "Computer Science is not boring.." and can be "fun!"

The system that helped the students and professors in a university environment was named WAIN and was declared as the winner of the ACM Fair. I think they won by a far margin. Congratulations to all the majors who turned in their effort from the get-go to the "</END>" of the code!

Event organized by: ACM@AUK, Student Life at AUK

Disclaimer: This is not a blog dedicated or run by AUK, American University of Kuwait but just a view of a student at AUK