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A Car, or two.

posted Apr 1, 2011, 12:27 PM by Yousuf Maimoon

Due to technical issues, I am not able to watch the F1 race which I follow religiously. I am also devoted to Top Gear (the proper English one!), and so it would be obvious that I would invest my time in automobile online too. Here comes Autoblog. Most of the car fanatics are followers of this wonderful blog for its accuracy and fun feeling read.

I am not a huge fan of American cars, but gun-to-my-head it would be the good 'ol Vette! So this video below is something that I would like to share in that space.

The Good Stuff!

Its the Cayman! Cayman R, to be exact. To say I am in love with Porsche's would be an astronomical understatement. The first time I sat in my friends 2004 911 Turbo, I was sold. Not that I have that kind of money to buy even his used Porsche, I would like to position myself to be able to in the future. Caymans are absolutely sexy. Here is what I am talking about.

For more Cayman videos: [YouTube]