About me

My name is Yousuf Shabbir Maimoon. I was born on June 30th, 1989. I am thinking to write something very meaningful and philosophical but you might get bored so I will keep this part short. A business student at the American University of Kuwait, with a passion for technology, cars, graphics, photography, football and Manchester United to be specific. Healthy food and tea are also included my like list. Did I mention I am Mac, Ubuntu (Linux), and Android User! 

The basic idea of technology takes me to a whole new world which produces infinite possibilities. Some might say I read books but most of my reading is new age. I tried reading philosophy by Plato but that just make me not want to read it more and make my mind digress to think about the ideas that i believe and like. 

Sports I follow: Football, UFC, F1
What I play : Football (Goalzz) , Table-Tennis (University)
What I would like to play: F1, Baseball, Tennis

Some sports are so awesome that the Kuwaiti heat / humid has banned me!